Dual Propane Tank Connection Kit - High Capacity

How to Hook up Two Propane Tanks

This propane regulator lets you connect the 2 propane tanks on your RV to maintain a constant gas pressure. It automatically switches to the full tank when the other is empty, and you can remove the empty cylinder without interrupting propane supply. The Camco Dual Propane Tank Regulator automatically switches to a full propane dual propane tank hook up when the cylinder in service depletes. Though this changeover occurs on its own, the gas gauge will need to be manually rotated to point toward the reserve tank in order to accurately indicate the backup cylinder's fuel level.

Customers Who Purchased This Propane Also Bought Camco Propane Supply Hose - ACME Nut x Male Inverted Flare - 12" Long Camco Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Propane Regulator for Dual Propane Tanks. Camco Propane Supply Hose - ACME Nut x Male Inverted Flare - 12" Long. Dual propane tank hook up this 12" long hose to connect a propane cylinder to your RV or trailer's propane regulator.

The Type 1 ACME nut provides easy connection to the propane tank. Provides protection in case of fire or a broken gas line. This propane regulator maintains a constant 11" w. Mounts to your camper horizontally. Mounts to your camper vertically. Video of Camco Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Propane Regulator for Dual Propane Tanks. Videos are provided As a guide only.

Refer To manufacturer installation instructions And specs For complete information. Today we're going to review part number CAM This is the Camco automatic changeover two-stage propane regulator for dual propane tanks. This regulator will let you connect the two propane tanks on your RV and dual propane tank hook up maintain a constant gas pressure. It will automatically switch to a full tank when the other one is empty and it also allow you to remove the empty tank and replace it with a full one without interrupting your propane supply.

As you can see here,on the very bottom it will havea three-eighths inch NPT outlet that will hook to your existing gas line. Up at the very top you can see here is the inlets. Both of them are a one and a quarter inch SAE inverted flare connector to hook to your propane tanks. And also if you'll notice, right here there is a little handle and then there's a little window.

And if you notice in that window it will show red. Basically what that means, with this all hooked up and working correctly, if one of the tanks, the service tanks that should be using, if it ends up going empty, this will show you that it's red. And you'll see there is a little arrow on this handle right here. It's pointing to whichever is your tank that's servicing, being serviced right now. So when that turns red, that means thattank would be empty. It will automatically switch over to the reserve tank on the other side.

And what you'll have to do is just when you see that,go ahead and just move this over and then it will show youthis one is now going to be your service tank and it will be a clean window. And then once that one goes empty, it will show red again that that's empty. You do not have to turn this handle to get it to automatically switch. It'll do that automatically.

The handle is dual propane tank hook up used to show you which tank is, it is pulling from and if it's empty or not. That should do it for the review on part number CAM The Camco automatic changeover two-stage propane regulator for dual propane tanks. The product is fine but I didn't realize that I needed special adapter pieces to make the item connect to the propane and bbq.

I spent a while at Loews trying to find the adapter fittings. They had no clue but the sales help just didnt know. I will seek out a plumber. I am not super smart about plumbing fixtures so this may not be a problem for others but I wish it were clearer with the product packaging what adapters were needed to connect this to propane and the the grill. I ordered the Camco automatic changeover LP regulator last fall and it had failed on the road.

When I contacted E-Trailer about the problem they responded immediately offering assistance. When I ordered a new one because we needed it replaced regardless, I was contacted again with a Return Authorization for the old one. I can tell you these people at E-Trailer George, Mike, and Amy are great. Honest and good to business with. The 2-stage propane regulator and supply hoses were exactly what I needed to fix my RV dual propane tank hook up. The products were delivered on time and e-trailer's hookup video provided me with the assurance to do the job myself and save a couple hundred dollars.

This is not my first purchase with e-trailer and I've never been disappointed. Quality products at a good price, fast shipping. What could be better. Andersen Camper Wheel Chock and Leveler - AM 2. Camco Propane Supply Hose - ACME Nut x Male Inverted Flare - 15" Long - CAM 3. Camco Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Propane Regulator for Dual Propane Tanks - CAM I have a standby generator and have tried to locate a double service valve for my propane tanks for some time.

Many places didn't even know what I was talking about. Found you company, ordered what I needed and it arrived today. Very satisfied about the whole experience with your company. The popup camper I use on our hunting trips came with a single propane regulator and it actually face the camper. I built a bracket to raise the new automatic dual regulator and have it positioned to face the front of the camper so we could view the window on the dual propane tank hook up. The dual propane tank rack I ordered works great!

I installed it on the frame of my pop up camper, and changed from single tank to two tanks. I also ordered the regulator and the pigtails for the tanks. So happy with the ship time and installation. I love the company! Prices are great, much better than Camping World and everyone I have dealt with has been pleasant, helpful and friendly.

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