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Or sign in with one of these services. Started by husband4sisterMarch 12, Dsting March 12, Hello everyone, I have never been on this forum fundamental baptist online dating site all this baaptist sound strange but my wife's sister has joined some Christian dating sites and my wife asked me to help her and I looked on some of the sites that she was a member of and I was shocked at how few Bible Believing Christian Guys are on these sites like eharmony, etc, how many guys drink socially, and how expensive these sites are.

So the other day I was thinking how I could help her and I thought of searching for an Independent Baptist forum and I found this site. I want to know does anyone know of any good Christian dating sites that have Bible Believing Guys on them. OR if from here down is not allowed on this site please just delete sige bottom part of this and keep the top part, please If anyone knows of any single Bible Beliving guys that would want to talk sihe a single woman please let us know.

First off, welcome to Online Baptist, I'm glad that you have found fundamentao. As pnline as Christian dating sites goes, well, the term "Christian" is really broad these days. It seems that everyone seems to think they are a "Christian" no matter what they believe, so your results does not surprise me. I olnine I could help you, fundakental I do not know of any good Christian dating sites. Not that you fundamental baptist online dating site find a spouse from a dating site, I would think that she would fundamental baptist online dating site greater results in a local Olnine Believing church.

There are a few Christian dating sites but they accept virtually anyone calling themselves Christian. So, one will encounter everything from worldly folks who call themselves Christians to possibly a few actual solid Christians and everything in between. I don't know of any Christian dating sites that actually have strict standards of only allowing solid Christians to join. I'm not tech savvy, but it would probably be near impossible to have such a dating site.

As in the real world, one would have to be just as careful about who one "meets" online. Anyone can pretend to be something they are not, and unless some real conversation takes place, it can be easy to think someone is a good Christian only to find out later they don't hold to the same ideas of Christianity you do. My advice to this lady would be to join a sound church. God will supply a mate, if it is his will. It is my belief that if one joins a dating site, they are not waiting fundamental baptist online dating site the Lord.

Posted March 12, edited. Unless God actually leads to fundamental baptist online dating site a step I would generally agree with you, though, Invicta. I don't have a favorable view of Christian dating sites myself, but I do have a couple of friends who met on eHarmony. They are both sound, strong IFB s - so it can happen! If there's a one-in-a-million chance of such happening, then they must be sire one-in-a-million as I tell my friends who try to use their experience to get me on eHarmony!

I suppose, though, that believing such 'odds' is antithetical to sincerely trusting God to work His will and way through whatever means He chooses I met my wife on a Christian dating site, and we've been married nine dqting and have four children. We have a wonderful marriage. That being said, I was young, stupid, and obviously very lucky and wouldn't recommend them across the board.

My wife said recently, that she thought that she would not get married as there were no suitable men at her church. Then I came along. Not sure if I was fundamentwl, but we have been married 44 years last Friday. Posted March 13, Matt is correct, in this world the term Christian is a very broad term. And a Christian dating sight would be full of many that claim to be Christian, that do not even know how one can be saved, yet many of them will claim to be saved.

Personally I don't think a dating site of any type is a good idea. A good solid fundamental baptist online dating site would be the best place. And if one is fnudamental found there, someone in that church might know of someone from another church. Saying that a Christian Dating site is not a good idea to find someone is the same as saying that you shouldn't find was ist matchmaking anywhere on the World but in your home Church.

When you join such a site baaptist are bound to find Christians that have different beliefs or from different denominations, it doesn't mean you have to marry them I found my girlfriend through a dating site not even a Christian one where I could spell out my religion and my preference for the otherperson to be. It's not about being a bad place or a onlline place, it's about what you expect out of it and how you deal with the people that you find there.

Just my 2 cents. One in Christ, D. Posted March 14, My son has been looking for God to send a findamental for many years. He still hasn't found one. He tried some "Christian" sites and fundamehtal met some datting but most were not sincere about their faith. I'm 58 and my son may never be given a Bible believing and practicing mate before I'm buried or the Lord returns. He is waiting on the Lord.

Posted Fundamental baptist online dating site 14, edited. I found my wife at a "Christian" dating site. Beware though, many of the people on those sites sitw call themselves Christians but are far from it. Meetings should be done in a fundamental baptist online dating site place and it would be best to make it a double date with someone you know.

For several years I had onpine be patient before God sent me the right woman. I had to look to the verses that tell us that a single person can baptsit more done for the Lord. A church can be a good place to find the right person but that should only be an afterthought when you are at church. Our minds need to be on serving God and others around us.

The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: That topic is Christian dating sites online Feel free to hijack any threads you start, but do not fundajental that to others.

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