Dating Scan and HCG levels

HCG Levels at 6-7 weeks

I am very confused at the moment. Went for blood test on week 4 and levels were then 3 days later next blood test and levels were Today went for week 6 scan and the scan showed the sack was empty, no fetus. Doc also said sack ffor not properly round as it should be. Had to go for more dating website game pua tests and levels are now I am on progesterone as my levels were low on week 4.

Clinic has told me to continue with meds and go for another blood test in 7 days. They also say ,evels Doc is happy with the blood tests. I am very confused and nervous now and can't seem to get any answers from the clinic or the Doc at the moment. I hcg levels for dating scan got 1 son who is 3 years old and had a mc last ffor February.

I am stressing this is another mc as my stomach permanently feels like it is in a knot and have not had any morning sickness which I had with both other pregnancies. Has anyone else been through this before? I had two miscarriages before this pregnancy and now I am 25 weeks We had to do the blood tests etc also. From what I've read everything can still be completely normal. Sometimes you cannot see the baby in the sack til weeks. Did bloodwork and 's were good.

Had to wait it out Just wanted to say that I'll be praying for a positive result! Numbers like that don't lie. Maybe you have a tilted uterus and they don't have a great angle to see. Keep your hopes up and it's still early for morning sickness if you even get it. Height of symptoms is around weeks. I went for blood test at 4 weeks and my levels were 58 then at 6 weeks only ultrasound was done and no baby they said it was ectopic and they were preparing me to take it out I refused at 7 weeks still sac was empty but I insisted in waiting one more week next ultrasound there he was with heart beat and all now he is 15 month healthy little boy he is very short and small for his age but I am datiny I waited sometimes doctors tend to make a quick decision and we believe them Just stay calm I am now 38 and expecting again they hcg levels for dating scan a dafing and nothing but I am waiting not going thru all that stress again Good Luck!

I had this happen to me at six weeks. Hvg had to wait two weeks to find out if the pregnancy was viable. Same thing as you, only a sac at six weeks and my doc said that he had seen a few other women that same day who were also six weeks and with them he could see the heartbeat In fact for the first 3 ultrasounds I had with him, he would stop the ultrasound in the middle, turn on the light and start reading my file and basically insinuate things seemed off. He thought I might have a blighted ovum.

Everything turned out fine. Hcg levels for dating scan dates may be off I pray all goes well! During my last pregnancy this happened and at the ultrasound 5 weeks 6days i was told i had a blighted ovum yet 3 weeks later yup, takes that long to get an appt with my dr i was still having strong symptoms.

Got sent for blood work and hcg was doubling until the 3rd test where they dropped a bit. Next day my symptoms stopped completely and i was hcg levels for dating scan to datinb epu. They did a transvaginal scan and unfortunately my baby stopped growing at about 5 weeks but it definitely wasnt a blighted ovum. The dr showed me what was there and it defintiely wasnt an empty sac.

The epu doctor was very annoyed that my dr sent me for an abdominal scan as they just arent clear or accurate at such an early stage and she has seen so much unnecessary stress caused by women being told their pregnancy isnt viable because of that type of scan when that hasnt been the case.

First Ultrasound at 6 weeks 3 days