Non Jw Dating a JW

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I'm a non Jw currently seeing a Jw. I am not totaly clear about the rules about Jw's in dating. Could someone explain this to me non-witnesd does it vary from family to family at all? Matter of fact, they are only allowed to date other JWs if they are seriously 'looking for a marriage mate. Some JWs and some JW families are more lax about this than others, but the elders take intense, personal interest in each member of their congregation at least if they're breaking the rules and if it gets out that a JW is dating a non-JW they can get in witess lot of trouble.

I hate to be negative, but many JWs who date 'worldly people' non-JW are wotness so to have a secret life, so I wouldn't count on acutally being jehovahs witness dating a non-witness real part of their life. The only alternative would be if the JW wasn't really serious about being a JW, and was looking to 'get out. There are strict "recomendations" about dating non JW. I am a JW who dated a non JW as a teenager.

My family in the end forced me to stop seeing him, it was him or them and at 17 I was not ready to say good bye to my family. I married the next man my family "approved" of and have been unhappily married for 10 years. I have recently caught up with this boyfriend love him now more than ever and should have stayed with him. I'm telling you this to warn you. Jehovahs witness dating a non-witness out exactly what the person you are dating wants, do they want a commited relationship or are they just rebelling.

If you do want to stay together be ready for a huge battle, they will have to basically choose between you or their family. Their family may be farily understanding but they will never aprove of you. Just be really careful and be totally honest with each other. Be prepared for a lot of frustration as you try to deal with something you will never really understand. For give me rating I don't know your gender I will assume you are female, because most guys I know don?

Okay to spell it out there is nothing they jehovahx do, but onn-witness trip. The non-aitness has admitted that they can't tell you whom to marry. The watchtower has no scripture that can prevent your marriage. Dafing his friends are going to almost accuse him of being a polygamist. Their reasoning is if you two get married the end of the world comes, only he survives, and he marries a perfect wife in God? You will be labels a seductress, with questionable character.

Sadly this is true and happens often when immigrant men that find American women are too liberal, and want too many things. They go out and sweep naive JW girl off their feet, most of jehovahs witness dating a non-witness guys tend to be older upper middle class, and looking for a house wife and baby maker. Don't listen to Lehaa no offenses just you made it sound too sunny if you marry a JW you won't like it, will be forced to jehovahs witness dating a non-witness a JW, pull your partner any from JWs, or be the magic couple that does not mind being unofficial second class citizens.

Also JWs are flighty with short memories anytime you act civil and tolerant they will bestow praise on you for "coming around", and try to instantly convert you, but when you loose your cool with them you? Don't waste your time. The watchtower is right in its logic. Which is JWs are too weird to marry non-jws in plain English. I know too many JW non-JW marriages that ended in divorce. In general your relationship won't work just ask them to leave JWs or leave you alone.

BTW be prepared if they swear off being a JW then after a trauma in their life, or come mid life crisis decide to kik hookup nj their "faith in Jehovah". You will witnesw pissed! The watchtower only advocates marring a non-JW for sex. I know it sounds weird. But JWs are not allowed to be homosexuals, or fornicators. If you happen to be in a place where there are no eligible JWs to marry they can morally can justify getting married to an?

Remember to drive the point home if you don? So all those weird things the Jews jehovahs witness dating a non-witness and Christ did away with we will swear the? Meaning that to be? I believe paraphrasing Ned Flanders on the simpsons sums it up " Lord, I even do the stuff that witnews the other stuff". The Watchtower is the organization that dictates what? The insular world that JW's inhabit is a strange one indeed. Please, save yourself a lot of suffering and look elsewhere.

He or she may be a very nice person, but they will always be regarded as "spiritually weak" and a little bit too snuggly with Satan's world the world outside of JW's for having married a "worldly person" you. Understand that the whole JW witnsss is that life in this world is terrible, full of suffering, nothing good, and that all people outside of JW's are being misled by Satan, and will witnees be killed by Jehovah at Armageddon.

After Jehovahs witness dating a non-witness comes and everybody except JW's are killed, there will be a perfect paradise where people will live forever. And for you, the non-believing mate, there will be a constant, sometimes subtle, sometimes strong pressure, to accept these "truths" and become a JW. Your JW mate's friends and family will always regard you as an outsider until you do so.

In fact I was a pioneer, and for all the right reasons! I also had no witness family to influence me. I met up with an old friend from before becoming a witness. I did not intent to fall in love with him, it just happened. I was not looking to live a double life or leave the truth. I know witnesses are not suppose to make friends in? I was honest about him to the elders and ultimately I jehovahs witness dating a non-witness to choose.

I chose my faith and walked away. I am now married to a different man, but I jehovahs witness dating a non-witness never forgive myself for the way I treated a man who was kind, selfless and totally genuine. While I am happy that I met my husband and the children that I have from my marriage are my life, If I could turn the dating colt python serial number back I would do things so very differently.

The point is though that even genuine witnesses can find themselves in a relationship with a non-believer. PropelI wish you luck and hope you don? You are in a very dangerous jehovahs witness dating a non-witness. And you really should take a chaperone on each date to avoid temptation!!! You might jehovahs witness dating a non-witness to ask your friend to show you what the Watchtower magazines say about marrying "unbelievers", and what happens to unbeliving spouses at Armageddon.

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