Wiring a Lionel Type RW transformer

Lionel Transformer Type 1032 hookup

We have a pre-war Lionel O gauge set that has been passed down. The engine was cleaned and refurbished professionally. We would like to use it this Christmas but do not know how to wire the transformer. It has a lever contol for the volts, traij black whistle button and red direction button. The back of the transformer has 5 posts. U to the center rail.

A, B, or C to the outside rails. Using A will give you volts, B volts, C volts. If you have a lockon the thing that clips to the trackterminal 1 is the center rail, 2 is the outside rails; but you can probably see that. If all you intend to do is hook your Type RW up to the track to run one train and nothing else, it is pretty straightforward:. I wouled start with the first lionel train hookup. Some pre-war locomotives required a higher voltage than more modern ones.

If yours is one of them and you don't get enough power, try the second optionl. See expecially lionle chart on p. We disagree on which rail to connect the U terminal to. It actually doesn't matter if all you are doing is running a prewar train with no accessories. If you were to connect up any accessories that have a return common with the track, U to the center rail is proper for this transformer. In this case, D is likely the terminal you would use to power the accessory.

Lionel inexplicably made their single-control and multi-control transformers lonel in this respect. As you say, either way will work in this straight-forward tran. You are correct in that early lionel train hookup Lionel lionel train hookup a cockamamie hook-up "convention" that used different designations for "common" depending on whether a transformer was designed to have just one or two-or-more throttles. What they accomplished was lionel train hookup confusing albeit versatile lionel train hookup convention that has bewildered virtually everyone concerned, from the customers to their own employees, virtually until this day.

I am speaking, of course, about the early "pre-revision" CW80's. Which end of the "Lionel horse" are you citing? Before lionel train hookup confuse this member further, I think we can agree that U-B will kikwang hyosung dating the low range to the throttle; whereas U-A will provide the higher range.

As you say, it really doesn't matter which goes to center rail and which goes to outside rail in this simple application. I woudn't have posted at all except for the fact that I was busy writing lionel train hookup when yours popped up. I tried to emphasize simplicity and provide a reference, which I had to look up. I can't get away with posting ex cathedra, as you can.

Of course, "my" source supports your scheme lionel train hookup least equally to mine; and better if you add accessories. Given the precise nature of the original question at least as I read it and the fact that its was llionel questioner's third try, I deliberately chose to eliminate all consideration of trakn fixed-voltage accessories. In the end, your choice of options is more versatile.

AU high; BU low. It's amazing how many folks never see this; or, if they do, don't understand what it means. It is a feature common to many old Lionel transformers. If I recall lionl, you employ an old Type Z as opposed to ZW transformer. Related questions are what do see as the normal house voltage at your wall sockets; and what is the max no-load voltage you can get out of your Type Z?

I actually use two Zs and a T for the elevated track. I just took some measurements, with my best high-precision Radio Shack meter, liondl got: The RW was specified for volts; so I would expect only about a volt increase from running it at2 volts at Login, or register today to interact in our online community, comment on articles, receive lionel train hookup newsletter, manage your account online and more!

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Posted by bfskinner on Monday, December 03, If all you intend to do is hook your Type RW up to the track to run one train and nothing else, it is pretty straightforward: If yours is one lionel train hookup them and you don't get enough power, try the second optionl Check out http: Bob, As you say, either way will work in this straight-forward application.

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