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Bunny Rabbit Speed Dating, Part 3: Baxter Visits Red Door Animal Shelter

I luv my bun! Cranberry now Slipper found her forever home and husbun Sox. She was picked up by animal control abandoned outdoors in Harwood Heights. Please research rabbit ownership before bringing a bunny into your home. You cannot just dating liverpool echo an unwanted pet rabbit into the wilderness and expect it to survive! Cranberry was fortunate she was found in time. She's a shy but sweet, loving girl. Red Door does great work for bunnies and is the only rabbit shelter in the city of Chicago.

Cranberry was already speed dating red door when I adopted her. Red Door loaned me a pen for the duration of the bonding process. People came in to get bunny grooming and nail care services while Speed dating red door was visiting with Sox for his "dates" with the other bunnies. If you knew how much it costs to spay or neuter a rabbit in the city, you'd realize what a great deal they're offering. They really care about their animals and helped me throughout the bunny bonding process.

Toni and Jeremy are great! My company does donation matching, so I'll likely support them in the future. Please support the bunnies and Red Door! Red Door is THE most amazing place in my opinion. They also gave me the greatest gift in the world, which is my little bunny. I couldn't be more grateful! We went in to look at a kitten and we filled out the application, we loved her and got accepted for an interview. When we got to the interview the employee conducting the interview informed us that we wouldnt be able to take our kitten home for an additional two weeks after already waiting a week for the interiew.

She told us there was a yoga event coming up and all the animals there had to show up for and her bosses wouldnt let us take her home until after the yoga event. Are you kidding me!? We drove over 15min to get to the interview and took off work only to find out when we showed up the process would be even longer. It was unacceptable the least they could have done was email us letting us know about the delay.

The adoption process is long and i was very unsatisfied. This place is fantastic. I was interested in adopting a bunny from here because I was impressed by the amount of rabbits they seem to take in and the amount that seemed to be adopted from here, as evidenced by the frequent listing updates on Petfinder. I submitted my adoption application, and a few days later, Toni, my adoption counselor called me and set up a time for an interview Maybe what sold me most of all was the interview process because it seems they do a good job of screening potential adopters here - a clear sign that THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR BUNNIES!

They even invite you to bring your bunnies back for Spa Days and for photos - they ask for a small donation for this - it's such a sweet and cute idea. The adoption process was great too because my boyfriend and I got to sit and interact with several bunnies who matched what we wanted in our first pet bunny. I could tell we could take all the time we wanted getting to know each bunny, but we quickly ended up adopting a young mini Dutch maybe Satin mix. She is such a sweet, smart girl, and an absolute perfect fit for our family!

Toni also let us know that speed dating red door can contact her anytime with any questions we have, and she has speed dating red door kept to her word - she is accessible and really knows her stuff, a great bunny counselor especially for us first-timers! If we ever adopt another bunny from Chicago again, it will definitely be from Red Door! They really care about their animals. We rescued our little guy from here. Kepler has a forever home We gave a home to other bunnies.

Red door is bunny friendly speed dating red door with resources and even some very large boxes of Timothy hay for way less than the pet store. I can't say enough good things about Red Door! I got my two bunnies here back in While my search has been fulfilled I still come back regularly for the fundraising Spa Days for grooming, nail clipping and photos. They also have great deals on hay in bulk. Speed dating red door Door takes very good care of speed dating red door animals, are a no-kill shelter, and are knowledgeable about their rescues and how to care for them.

I currently still have my one girl going strong but definitely plan to foster and eventually adopt when the time comes. Please consider Red Door for your next adoption! Boarded my rabbits here for a week yet again and was not disappointed. My eldest now, at 8-years old, had 4 medications to be given twice a day. And she is a sassy rabbit who will refuse them.

But, as expected, all was well. My elder-bun was wonderful. She and her new mate the 1-year old were boarded together since they are bonded and had plenty of room. They even had a few toys, a blanket, and plenty of fresh hay. While picking up my buns, I did a little walk-through speed dating red door the place, which I was welcome to.

They did have some rules about using hand sanitizer in between cat rooms and making sure doors were completely closed. But overall they were happy to have me playing with the cats. My allergies were going nuts, but anyone who comes in expecting the place to be sparkling obviously doesn't spend time in a not-for-profit speed dating red door.

This isn't a pet store. There will be dust and fur and hay. The cats had so much space to run around and interact with each other and with me. And Mike, who is always constantly busy he was working with multiple sick cats in an isolation situation was even willing to talk to me about the newest kitties that were brought in. Toni, who was working with speed dating red door folks speed dating red door wanted to adopt a mate for their current rabbit was really nice too.

There is literally bunny speed dating where your rabbit can meet others in hopes of finding a partner, which is important since rabbits are social creatures. Overall, I will continue to come back and even volunteer when I can. They know each of their animals on an individual level and care for them closely. I would highly recommend adopting from, fostering with, volunteering at, and donating to this wonderful shelter. Lesson learned, that's much easier than it sounds.

I called every no kill shelter in the city and all were full.