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TL and OSL Dating

Thank you for your interest in using the U. In this information "booklet" there are several sections tl osl dating you will find useful. Section I covers general TL and OSL methodology and assumptions, Section II covers dose rate D R calculations and how the elements are measured quantitatively, while Section III guides the reader through lab preparation of a sample and subsequent measurement of equivalent dose D E.

Further description of field methods are available in Nelson and others and Gray and others Section IV reviews sampling datinh the field for TL and OSL and other material that may be dated tl osl dating luminescence. Section V tl osl dating quick and general facts about the technique range, explanations for differences in TL and OSL techniques, reasons why different luminescent techniques are applied to different depositional sample types and other labs to contact in the U.

Some labs, daitng than the USGS lab, may be more helpful for archeological applications, may respond with a cheaper price or offer faster response time depending on the psl for a particular analysis. Accessibility FOIA Privacy Policies and Notices. Department of the Interior U. Website Manager Page Last Modified: Datinb March 26 USGS Home Contact USGS Tl osl dating USGS.

Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center. Home Research Themes Environmental Change Geologic Framework Tl osl dating Products Applications Data and Maps Publications About Us Project Archive. For Prospective Users Introduction Thank you for your interest in using the U. General TL and OSL Methodology and Assumptions Datjng II: Dose Rates and How They Are Obtained Section III: Lab Prep and Equivalent Dose D E Analyses Section IV: How to Collect Samples for TL and Psl Dating Section V: Accessibility FOIA Privacy Policies and Notices U.

8. Luminescence in solids