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Young music sensation, Wizkid denies dating actress Tonto Dike – Speaks on his blossoming career

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has opened on his past relationship with music producer Don Jazzy. In this recent interview with Toolz on Ndani TV, the songstress said she dated Don Jazzy in the past. The actress who was rumoured to be dating music star Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid has debunked wizkid dating tonto dike rumour. She also spoke at length on her controversial music career and how she is coping with controversies her songs are generating.

You know when you actually accept what you do and love what you do, you do it to the best of your abilities. Luk here tonto dikeh or wateva u are called,u dnt nid 2 be involved in such nonsense abt dating or nt dating issue,y dnt u jst go and get urself a husband instead of u jumping 4rum one bed 2 anoda,remember,tym waits 4 nobody u knw,u are nt getting any younger,u are wizkid dating tonto dike an idiot 2 believe dat u are still a kid,up to d extends of dating lytle wizkid all inthe name of wat,tell me,infact u are a shameless fool,dis is jst one of my advice 2 u,take it or leave it.

What is wrong with everyone, what is your own business with her? Tonto my advice 4 u is dat, u should kip ur head down, get married to a reputable man and get pregnant like ur mates are doing such mercy johnson. Wizkid dating tonto dike is a prostitute. Sleep with all the men in the world who cares. Tonto carry on and live ur life…. Well I think I shold be de next should would date now. So wadup guyZzz am a rapper,entertainer,RnB singer,and a basketballer.

U dnt av 2 b dis ruff 2 make it. God purnish all of u dat says rubbish about another persons deauther una own dey una body stupid people. Wen u lov smtin go 4 it as long as u dnt hurt anybody or urself. Totin do wat mks u hapi is a free world nobdy Holy pass! Y wizkid dating tonto dike u guyz blamin ds pretty young lady? U who cald wizkid a small boy. U,who cald wizkid a small boy bcos of hs afair wit tonto. Bt 4 wizkid,hs handsome,talentd n a celeb.

Pls,u guys shuld leave her alone,wit time she will get married,if u guys shuld see her nw,u would rush to lick her foot,so stop talking bad abt her. Dikeh get right for do anything wey she want do for her life because she get the wizkid dating tonto dike and the swag for date any man. So make wunna no criticize her because she over bad. Tonto i lik wizkid dating tonto dike soo much dat i cant measure.

Wizkid dating tonto dike reason is u created ur own styl of offending God while gainin d treasures of d world. Dis u decided is very gud and believe me God almighty hav a well designed reward 4 u. Dont tink its a new style and it will take God a while to create sanction 4 dat! Wizkid dating tonto dike on may God help u well. Y r u nigerians so jealous of dis beautiful young lady Wizkid dating tonto dike hs created in his own likness n image.

Every1 hs der own fault. Is 8 not 2 prosper in future, make ur own money, marry who u which 2 marry n b proud of who u become? Sum r educated 2day n r still not successful. If God hs blessed her n she hs become successful, y r u so jealous??? Ur life is ur life, live 8 d best way u can. I luv u, we luv u. I say go girl, enjoy every bit of ur wizkid dating tonto dike. Babe sorry 4 u, wen u c somethin bad, dnt moderate it nor keep quite. Our forefathers IGBOS lived long cos dey dnt c see evil n cal it bad, dey try hard 2 eradicate it.

Cal a spade a spade, nt a farming tool. Come dis bad English speaking jobless gurl, coco u wan gain favor from toto abi toronto, u no go go slp. Sorry 4 ur stupd life, u tink say she go c u? Maybe u seriously need 2 b a star, call 4 upliftment. Whatever you have done for me is worth appreciation. Thanks for your help and company dear friend. I am floored by the way you have held my hand and helped me at different points in life.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all those times. Your help is well appreciated and I just wish you never change and keep up the good work my friend. Today, I want to tell you selflessly that whatever you do for me is greatly appreciated. Your thoughtfulness has absolutely no bounds, your consideration is valuable. And you behavior is very well appreciated.

I want to express my gratitude to you for all those occasions where I was stuck at a particular point and you came and made things seem so easy. I really appreciate whatever you have done for me all my life. Thanks for being there my dear friend. Please accept this token of appreciation through which I want to tell you that you have been a great influence and made me reach this stage in life.

Thanks my dear friend. Plz i beg wizkid dating tonto dike u just stop dis ur nonchalant attitude……. R z 8 cus i made u my 4vrt artist? Pls let put an end 2 this bcos no body is 2 judge each other is only God that can judge but wizkid dating tonto dike have 2 pray 4 her 2 b a change person. Wether she does it or not its her own biz so jes lesve her alone.

Na una sabi date any body u like tonto. But my only advice is for u to just settle down and get marriage to a reputable guy i know God will see u through dear. Some of you ar worser than her. So judge her not. Tonto Wizkid dating tonto dike has his life to live even if she date wizkid that is her business age is just number. Blablablabla,everybody will talk…comment nonsense,like they have nothing doing,Tonto Dike is not a hore ,shes just a girl with attractiveness,so errguy is attracted to her.

SHE IS NT SO CHEAP DATZ Y SHE DID NT ACCEPT HIM; ASSUMIN SAY NA UNA WEY WIZKID ASK U NA GO ACCEPT 1 HAND WITHOUT EVEN TINKIN ABT IT. NNA TONTO BABY CARRY ON NO MIND ALL DIZ FUCKIN ND GOOD 4 NOTIN PEOPLE AKA HATERS. Who go be next? Becox say wizkid fine abi, na em be say i no go go near her i no wan make she date me am not cheap she is a Kid for. No be Tonto tell me say Na disvirgin am? Hmmmmm agha di ….

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